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Introduction of Laboratory Animal Center

Laboratory Animal Center is designed and built according to national laboratory animal facility standard, and put into use in 2007. The center is a five-storey building (four floors above the ground and one below). Floor B1: Storage and the room of cleaning and disinfection. First Floor: Administrative area. Second Floor: Conventional large animal laboratory area ( sub-purification zone). Third Floor: SPF small animal laboratory area with a sub-purified area of 299.5㎡. The total investment is 16 million RMB. It is now a first-class domestic laboratory animal center.

The center has built the first small living animal imaging experimental platform ( inject cancer cells with fluorescent mark into rats’ body, so that the occurrence, development and metastasis of tumor can be observed, and many experimental work can be carried out) in Hebei Province. Large animal operation room in our center is well-equipped with surgical equipments (such as electrotome, astral lamp, respirator, anesthesia apparatus, ECG monitor, equipments for attraction and oxygen inhalation, etc.). So far, only our hospital has the ability to conduct surgical experiment on large animals (dog, pig, goat, monkey, etc.) within Hebei Province. Laboratory Animal Center is fully equipped with advanced equipments: animal endoscope system, animal contamination device, biosafety cabinet, carbon dioxide incubator, centrifuge, inverted fluorescence microscope, multifunctional enzyme marker, PCR machine, protein and nucleic acid imager, -86℃cryogenic refrigerator, -150℃cryogenic refrigerator, electronic scales, spectro-photometer, EVC rotation cage imported from USA, multifunctional animal dissecting table, medium-sized animal anesthesia and breathing machine, imported small animal anesthesia apparatus, surgical astral lamp, electrotome, imported full-automatic animal ECG monitor and other commonly used experimental equipments that can satisfy all kinds of needs in medical animal experiment and research.

Laboratory Animal Center is one of the departments of scientific research and education, which receives about 2000 person-times of student experiment. The center requires students strictly follow SOP in academic training, animal purchase and operating skills in experiment, etc. The staff often discuss about experiments with postgraduates, put forward valuable suggestions, analyze problems that exist or may occur, put forward solutions, and lay good foundation for postgraduates to complete scientific research projects.

The center undertakes animal experiment training task for Hebei Medical University’s undergraduates that participate National Clinical Skill Competition for Students from Medical Colleges and Universities, makes students’ operating skills more proficient and even better through clinical teachers’ careful guidance, and takes the first prize in North China division in last year’s competition. During routine work, students can spend spare time on viewing and learning in our center, thus cultivating their research interests and learning abilities, widening scientific research thinking, and offering experiment platform for undergraduates’ innovation work. In 2019, we have received 65 scientific research projects including 13 projects outside and 52 projects inside our hospital. We have undertaken 4 scientific research projects and published many academic papers.

Laboratory Animal Center has the “Laboratory Animal Use Permit” given by Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Range of permission: barrier environment: mice, rat and guinea pig; conventional environment: rabbit, monkey, dog, goat and pig. Code of permit: SYXK(冀)2018-001. The staff all have been well trained and gained certificate of laboratory animal, so that they are familiar with the feeding and management of animals. Laboratory Animal Center pays great attention to animal ethics and welfare, and often educates students about animal experiment safety and animal ethics. Only having passed animal ethics verification, all animal experiments can be carried out. During experimental procedure, the center reduces animals’ pain as much as possible, and lets students learn to care about animals and treat them well.

In recent years, Laboratory Animal Center has successively received hundreds of relative experts, scholars and visiting groups from USA, Japan, Australia, Canada and domestic area including Taiwan Province.